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Episode 55: Bryce Remsburg

Ahead of the huge CHIKARA UK tour beginning on April 3rd, CHIKARA’s senior official Bryce Remsburg sat down with me to talk about the growth of the promotion, his role within the company and what British fans can expect when CHIKARA hits our shores.

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Episode 53: Robert Newsome

The very first Have A Nice Day guest, Robert Newsome of The Atomic Elbow, returns to the show for what have been the start of year two if I maintained a weekly schedule. In a very conversational episode we talk about New Japan, DDT, CHIKARA and the highs and lows of wrestling entrance themes.

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Episode 52: Christopher Bird

It’s the first episode of 2015 and we’re kicking it off with Christopher Bird talking all about the longest running wrestling awards on the internet, The Theszies!

[NOTE: There are some audio issues that couldn’t be fixed in this episode. I explain it more before the episode starts, but basically I didn’t want to waste Christopher’s time by not uploading the episode and it’s not the biggest problem once you get used to it.]

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Episode 48: Aidan Sullivan & Helena Hart

A bit of a different one this week. Aidan Sullivan came up to Manchester to spend Halloween with myself and Helena Hart, so the next morning we recorded a podcast on my crappy laptop mic about being a wrestling newbie and having over-eager boyfriends.

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Episode 43: NXT Roster Review

Resident NXT expert Brandon Stroud returns to review the NXT roster on the eve of NXT Takeover, but what revelations about Stu Hart and Bull Dempsey await us?

Also, hear the most emotional anyone has ever been over Wesley Blake, and the one thing NXT could do to break our hearts irreparably.

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