We wouldn’t be able to put time into our shows if it were not for the support of our generous Patreon supporters. Every single dollar goes such a long way in providing us with a safety net when it comes to paying bills and keeping the lights on, and if you enjoy the work we do on the three Good Egg Podcasts, we’d very much appreciate your support.

We have four tiers on our Patreon:

$1 or more per month
We’ll give you a shout out on the show and thank you for being such a good egg.

$5 or more per month
You get episodes of all three shows as soon as they’re edited, several days in advance of the release date.

$10 or more per month
You get access to several bonus episodes of all three shows every month.
$25 or more per month
If you donate at this level for two straight months, you can actually come on Journey Into Misery to submit your Good Egg and Bad Egg, and explain the characters you picked directly to Helena, for all of our listeners to hear.
Aside from the final tier, all Patreon tiers apply to all three shows, so you’ll get shout-outs, advance episodes and bonus episodes for all three shows. We love making these podcasts, and if you enjoy them half as much as we done, we hope you’ll consider helping us out.
If you can, of course.

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Kieran Shiach and Helena Hart make podcasts and this is where you can find them.

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