Journey Into Misery is a podcast that seeks to unravel the continuity mess that comics have wrought upon themselves, by explaining the worst offenders to a comics beginner.

Hosted by Kieran Shiach, with permanent second-chair Helena Hart, each week sees one character or concept explained in as much detail as possible to showcase just what comics fans have to put up with sometimes.

Kieran can be reached at @KingImpulse

Helena can be reached at @Hachiee

Journey Into Misery is on Twitter at @JiMPodcast

You can listen to JOURNEY INTO MISERY a number of ways, including Libsyn, iTunes or Stitcher.

6 thoughts on “JOURNEY INTO MISERY”

  1. Hey guys. Just a quick note to say you’re good eggs. I found this podcast by chance and I’m now hooked. I started at the beginning and have just listened to superior spider man which was wicked by the by. H’s Reactions and your interaction is, for me what makes this a fab listen. The effort you guys put in is legend. Keep up the good work because with great power comes great responsibility lol.
    Sadly if you read this out I won’t catch it till I’ve court up but I’ll enjoy getting there. Well done guys and if it isn’t too late I’ll need an invite to the wedding 😂👍🏾

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Kieran Shiach and Helena Hart make podcasts and this is where you can find them.

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