Watchmen #1, Page 10

Under The Hood is a Watchmen minutiae podcast by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and Kieran Shiach where they go through one page of Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins’ genre-defining comic and discuss, dissect and deliberate over meaning, theme and craft way more than we probably should.

Nite-Owl comes home to find a visitor in his apartment, and Kieran notices something that no-one has ever noticed about Watchmen.

Under The Hood is available on Apple Podcasts, Libsyn, Direct RSS and Stitcher. You can also listen to it below.

Under The Hood is on Twitter, @UnderTheHoodPod.

Hassan Otsmane-Elhou is on Twitter, @HassanOE. Check out his YouTube series Strip Panel Naked and his comics criticism magazine PanelxPanel. You can also support him via Patreon.

Kieran Shiach is on Twitter, @KingImpulse. Check out the other Good Egg Podcasts on this website. You can also support him via Patreon.

Under The Hood’s theme music is “Neighbourhood Threat” by Iggy Pop.

One thought on “Watchmen #1, Page 10”

  1. I am really enjoying the UTH pod – and learning things about Watchmen that I didn’t know (the Iggy Pop song, the Gladiator book) after reading it over a dozen times. FYI – I didn’t personally notice that Heinz “58” but I did read it in “Watching Time: The Unauthorized Watchmen Chronology” book by Rich Handley. That book is good, wonderfully excruciatingly detailed like your UTH pod – but includes lots of Before Watchmen – which I haven’t read and don’t really want to think about.

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