Episode 1: The Best Comics Of April 2017

The Monster Society of Comics is an ever-evolving roundtable discussion podcast about the best comics that came out in a given month.

This month, Elle Collins and Kieran Shiach are joined by their former colleagues at ComicsAlliance Andrew Wheeler and Chris Sims to talk about the best books they read in April 2017.

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***** Minutes *****

Andrew Wheeler: Junji Ito’s Dissolving Classroom (2:40)

Elle Collins: Gerard Way, Nick Derington and Tamra Bonvillain’s ‘Doom Patrol’ #6 (7:40)

— Marvel Legacy (18:22) —

Kieran Shiach: Sarah Graley’s ‘Kim Reaper’ #1 (30:13)

Chris Sims: Al Ewing’s ‘Ultimates’ and ‘Contest of Champions’ (37:15)

***** Show Notes *****

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The Monster Society of Comics’ cover art is by Traci Shepard.

The Monster Society of Comics’ theme song is ‘Business Achievement’ by Scott Holmes, licensed under Creative Commons.

One thought on “Episode 1: The Best Comics Of April 2017”

  1. Nice to hear one of my favourite bits of Kirby writing opening the show. I love that page and read it as Darkseid manipulating Godfrey by selling the salesman on the ‘product’ he’s pushing. I think one of the things that makes Darkseid great is he understands himself better than most mega villains, it’s not ego he’s consumed by. He knows he’s not a ‘tiger force’ and knows it’s a useful way to present himself.
    So, I like an opening with a covert sales pitch…

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