The Future of Journey Into Misery And Good Egg Podcasts


First of all, don’t worry, the show isn’t over.

However, it can’t continue as a weekly podcast anymore.

I really hoped I could take a month off, get some episodes in the can for while we were away and come back strong on a weekly schedule but it’s clear now that it just isn’t possible. When we started working on Journey Into Misery, I was a student who worked three hours a night, three days a week. Writing up episodes was fun and I had plenty of time to do it.

However now, I’m assistant editor at a major comic book website, something that I’d genuinely describe as my dream job. It doesn’t leave me with anywhere near as much free time as I did two years ago. I’m relying on copy + pasting from Wikias more and more, and I struggle to find time to get Journey Into Misery done on time.

Also, between my day job and the podcast, it doesn’t give me much free time at all because I’m working on that week-to-week schedule. I don’ t have as much time to write for fun and most importantly I don’ t have as much time to spend with Helena, which is still my favorite thing to do.

So, as of right now, Journey Into Misery is permanently going on an irregular schedule. We have a few specific dates we want to get episodes out for — Doctor Strange being one — but as of now episodes will be published when they are done, whenever that may be.

If you’re familiar with our friends at How2Wrestling, that’s a model we’d like to emulate.

I’m very aware that this affects the Patreon. I’m hoping this gives me more time to work on Patreon exclusive stuff for our listeners who support us there. As always, Patreone exclusive content will be made available to non-Patrons, just later.

Furthermore, starting on January 1 2017, we will no longer be offering listeners to choose their own episodes. We have enough to take us through to next July on a weekly schedule, so on an irregular schedule we’re likely booked through to 2018 and I think it’d irresponsible and just mean to ask people to wait any longer than that for their episode. We’ll be retooling the Patreon on January 1st to better serve our Patrons on a month to month basis, with both digital and physical rewards but listener episodes will no longer be one of them.

For now.

(If you’re a current Patron waiting on rewards of any kind, nothing changes on that front. You get what you’ve paid for, I guarantee it)

The other two Good Egg Podcasts — Zero Hour and Animal Crackers — will also be published on an irregular schedule, but with the aim of at least one of each per month. JiM, I’d like to be able to be fortnightly, but I don’t want to commit to anything and have to walk it back.

If you enjoy Journey Into Misery, if you’ve read this post right down to this point, we love and appreciate you more than we can say. If this decision affects your choice to listen to us, I understand that. If this decision affects your choice to support us on Patreon, I understand that.

Thank you so much for your support and keep an eye on our Twitter account for more information going forward.


Kieran Shiach

2 thoughts on “The Future of Journey Into Misery And Good Egg Podcasts”

  1. I have come to love Journey into Misery over the last year (came to the show through Jay and Miles and the SCOIP). The weekly download on continuity for characters I don’t always have the time to read is awesome. This is sad, but at the end of the day any JiM is better than no JiM. Thank you both for all the work and passion you have put into this podcast and I hope that the life you have together is enriched by the time together this should free up.

  2. I have to admit this makes me sad. but only briefly as i look back on all the hours of entertainment and joy i have had listening to your podcast. I truly thank you two for allowing me to tag along during your conversations and look forward to doing so in the future if and as they come out.

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