Episode 1: Hamsters

This is Animal Crackers, where Helena Hart talks about cool and interesting animal facts and stories with her fiance Kieran Shiach.

In the first episode of Animal Crackers, we talk about hamsters and all the ways in which they’re totally cool and adorable and the best.

You can listen to ANIMAL CRACKERS a number of ways, including Libsyn, iTunes or Stitcher. Alternatively, you could just click play on that little button below.

Please check out the other two podcasts under the Good Egg Media banner: Journey Into Misery and Zero Hour.

Thanks to Joe Hunter for our Animal Crackers artwork.

Our theme music is “Cheese” by David Szesztay, licensed under Creative Commons.

One thought on “Episode 1: Hamsters”

  1. This was delightful! I found out about Animals Crackers through Journey Into Misery and gave this a listen straight away. Not only is it good to hear Helena explaining things to Keiran for a change, but the fact that you were referencing your own hamster, ‘Pabs’, gave this fascinating podcast a lovely personal feel. I love animals, and have a lot of time for anyone else who does too. Thank you for Animals Crackers, your enthusiasm and affection really comes through, and I definitely learned a lot. I’m looking forward to future instalments!

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