A Personal Update From Kieran And Helena

Hey everyone, I don’t think we’ve ever actually used the site to blog anything other than episodes but we’ve got something we want to talk about that needs more than a tweet to explain.

Helena is currently working as an intern at Knowsley Safari Park and having a great time doing it, but it doesn’t make any money. She’s applied for government assistance, but because we live together, my income gets counted towards it and she’s been deemed as not entitled to anything.

This sucks, but we’re getting by.

What I’d like to do for the next few months is channel all of the Patreon money to Helena as essentially wages that she can use to pay rent, get train tickets, buy food, etc. This is my idea that Helena is aware of, and it helps me too.

If you enjoy Journey Into Misery, we’d really appreciate it if you could support us monetarily in one way or another over the coming months until Helena can get back to paying work.




The easiest way to support is via Patreon, where you can support us at various tiers and get various rewards out of it. You can choose episodes, get early access to bonus episodes and occasionally we do Patreon-exclusive merch.




We also have a Gumroad store where we put all of our bonus content from Patreon at the end of the month. It has a pay-what-you-want system, so you can get everything for free but we’d really appreciate it if you could throw a couple of bucks our way.

Everything you do helps us in a very real way,  and if you can’t help us, we still love you and appreciate your support.

You’re all Good Eggs

Kieran (and Helena)

One thought on “A Personal Update From Kieran And Helena”

  1. I’ve been there. I’m getting ready to start my last year of an engineering degree here in the US and live with my boyfriend. I couldn’t get assistance because I lived with him but my job paid so little it was hard. Thankfully, I started a well-paying internship this year and can finally help you guys. Good luck Helena! Thank you guys for all the great podcasts.

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