Episode 67: The Punisher

Welcome to Journey Into Misery, where I explain complicated comics characters, continuity and concepts to the patient and perpetually perplexed Helena Hart.

Ahead of his upcoming appearance in Marvel’s Daredevil series, we dig into the psyche of one of the archetypal anti-hero, The Punisher!

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Image Gallery

As I go through the podcast, I bring up images to show Helena what a character looks like. You can follow along with this image gallery.


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Journey Into Misery art by Joe Hunter.

3 thoughts on “Episode 67: The Punisher”

  1. I hate to ask a stupid question here, but what does “Spacker” mean? I read that run of Punisher, and thought it was odd that Dave was so dedicated to his nickname, but I didn’t know it meant anything (yup, I’m an American).

      1. Huh. That is definitely not in common usage here. I guess the closest thing we have is “Spaz.” Oddly, in my hometown there is an aging punk scenester who goes by that name, which is I guess pretty similar to Dave’s usage.

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