Episode 23: Runaways

Welcome to Journey Into Misery, where I explain complicated comics characters, continuity and concepts to the patient and perpetually perplexed Helena Hart.

This week is all about Marvel’s #1 source of teen angst and supervillain parents, The Runaways! It’s teen drama plus they have a dinosaur, how isn’t there a movie yet?

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Image Gallery

As I go through the podcast, I bring up images to show Helena what a character looks like. You can follow along with this image gallery.

Journey Into Misery art by Joe Hunter.

One thought on “Episode 23: Runaways”

  1. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes you’ve done so far. Runaways wasn’t my first comic, but I’m pretty sure it was my gateway comic to the Marvel universe. I remember collecting up until around the end of BKV’s run, but dropped out due to a bad case of event burnout that summer. I always wondered what happened on the later runs and it makes me sad to find out the answer is “not much”. Most of the follow up teams sound great on paper, but it seems like they never really got the characters. I hope Noelle Stevenson’s take on them leads to a revival because she’s doing some really good stuff.

    Speaking of Noelle Stevenson, I really recommend you both check out Lumberjanes. Not only do you get a lot of fun weird adventures with the girls, but there’s a lot of focus on the relationships between the girls including two of them hooking up, which is a rarity in all-ages comics. Plus, one issue has a capture the flag game interrupted by raptors

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