Episode 14: Daredevil (Ann Nocenti)

Welcome to Journey Into Misery, where I explain complicated comics characters, continuity and concepts to the patient and perpetually perplexed Helena Hart.

This week we’re going from the grounded and gritty Frank Miller to the over-the-top bonkers cynicism of Ann Nocenti, with demons, aliens and lots of identity issues.

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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/journeyintomisery/Daredevil_Ann_Nocenti_mixdown.mp3]

Kieran is @KingImpulse on Twitter & Helena is @Hachiee

Fan mail, death threats, corrections and questions can be sent to journeyintomisery@gmail.com

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Image Gallery

As I go through the podcast, I bring up images to show Helena what a character looks like. You can follow along with this image gallery.

Journey Into Misery art by Joe Hunter.

Daredevil: Other Episodes

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