Episode 49: Hayley Jane

This week I’m joined by gear-maker extraordinaire Hayley Jane to talk about Closet Champion and her upcoming third album, Devil Makes Three.

You can stream the show on Libsyn, or press play on that handy little button. We’re now on iTunes, so if you want to go through and subscribe/review, that’d be lovely. We’re also on Stitcher!

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/nicedaypodcast/Hayley_Jane_mixdown.mp3]

Follow @mrsthecobra on Twitter, check out Hayley Jane’s Bandcamp page and make sure to peep the Kickstarter for Devil Makes Three.

Also keep an eye on @ClosetChampion, and if you’re in need of some top quality gear, head over to the Closest Champion website.

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If you want to ask me anything about wrestling, the best place to do is probably on Tumblr.

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