Episode 27: Steinercast

Over the past month, myself and comics artist extraordinaire Kyle Starks have dedicated ourselves to one goal: Discovering how Scott Steiner went from Michigan born good ol’ boy to The Big Bad Booty Daddy.

Today, we recorded an hour and half long, special edition of Have A Nice Day and now you can all bear witness to our findings.

Come with us, down the Steinerhole…

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16 thoughts on “Episode 27: Steinercast”

  1. TERRIBLE effort. So disappointing. CLUELESS.

    Listened to 30 minutes of it…do a podcast on Scott Steiner & your knowledge of frankensteiner is embarrassing. He did innovate it, Rey Mysterio one of the greatest innovators in the business says Scott Steiner was his hero growing up & the frankensteiner influenced the moves he created.

    Double Underhook Powerbomb….Scott Steiner innovated it.

    Steiner vs. Flair….as Lance Storm in his shoot interview when he watched the match back with eyes of a worker he said Steiner was sabotaged by Flair.

    Bridge out of pin & he can’t do it? he done it on MANY occasions successfully. Obviously didn’t watch enough Steiner Brother matches. Terry Gordy was obviously not athletic enough to hold up his end of the bargain.

    ZERO knowledge of his NJPW run. Embarrassing. He was paid $12,000 a week.

    Scott Steiner was usually the guy who worked all the matches not Rick Steiner.

    This YouTube channel some brilliant Scott Steiner videos & you should watch them to educate yourselves.

    You don’t like Scott Hall & Kevin Nash? *rolls eyes* are you a bunch of virgins?

    Steiner can’t talk? can’t listen to anymore of this.


  2. Scott Steiner showed no emotion against DDP? Bullshit….

    Goldberg’s best match…FALL BRAWL 2000 when Scott Steiner carried him. Rated ****1/4 stars by Dave Meltzer. You bash Scott Steiner…then you talk about running into Goldberg’s boot which if you guys had a clue that was one of his signature spots throughout his career.

    You guys are just pathetic shitting on Scott Steiner.

    Moves Scott Steiner did in 2000:

    – belly to belly,
    – over head belly to belly,
    – overhead belly to belly from top rope
    – T-bone suplex (he innovated the move)
    – top rope T-bone suplex
    – tilt a whirl (he innovated the move)
    – back breaker
    – top rope Samoan drop
    – hangman
    – steinerline/elbow drop combo
    – gorilla press
    – Steiner recliner

    Yeah Steiner had one move…morons.

  3. Sources:
    00:00 – Bill Watts shoot interview [2000]
    00:49 – Konnan shoot interview [2000]
    02:24 – Terry Taylor shoot interview [2001]
    06:27 – WOL ~ Jim Herd [16th Feb 2001]
    06:42 – WOL [23rd March 2001]
    08:14 – WOL [27th March 2001]
    09:59 – WOL [28th March 2001]
    10:32 – WOL [29th March 2001]
    12:16 – WOL ~ Tom Zenk [3rd April 2001]
    13:29 – In Your Head ~ Goldberg [24th Nov 2005]
    14:00 – In Your Head ~ Scott Norton [11th April 2007]
    18:14 – 5150 Real Talk with Konnan [12th Dec 2007]
    18:52 – WCW debate ~ Konnan vs. Disco Inferno [3rd Jan 2008]
    19:44 – Kevin Sullivan shoot interview [2008]
    24:34 – MLW Radio [8th Oct 2012]
    25:45 – Whole FN Show ~ DDP on fighting Scott Steiner [2012]
    30:12 – The Roman Show ~ Goldberg [2013]
    31:06 – Wrestling’s Glory Days ~ Buff Bagwell [11th Aug 2013]

    PWT0rch WCW Roster Rankings [3rd March 2001]
    (Ranked #1) Scott Steiner
    Having rehabbed his back enough to wrestle again, he has become WCW’s main attraction. The genetic freak has a unique look with his incredible muscles & a believable aura that says “I might snap at any second.” He is a rare wrestler who doesn’t seem to be acting or if he is, it’s difficult to tell how much. He’s new to main events but is in his late 30’s & has a bad back. He isn’t a wrestler to build the future around. He is a great wrestler to use as a centerpiece to try to build new stars because Steiner, if used right could be a star-maker. Anybody who beats Steiner is going to be perceived as one tough dude. Anybody Steiner gives props to is considered legit. Steiner has street cred & is entertaining. If dropped into the WWF mix, he wouldn’t be a threat to Rock, Austin or HHH, but all three could have compelling feuds with him. WCW needs somebody whom fans see as being on the level of WWF’s top tier & Steiner is that wrestler. He is also WCW’s own having never been a singles star in the WWF. He doesn’t seem like a rehash or a burnout.

    Bret Hart: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling [2007]
    The Steiners were generally happy gorillas, they’d left a successful career in WCW for Vince’s promise of bigger money which hadn’t materialized. Rick & Scott were impressively built, outstanding NCAA wrestlers out of Michigan. Rick, the older of the two, was generally more easygoing. Scott had a mean streak a mile wide but only if you gave him reason. Sometimes in the dressing room if either Owen or I made the mistake of walking past him, he’d hook an ankle & pull us to the floor doing his best to stretch us while we did everything in our power to stop him. Luckily, Scott was always pretty playful with us. One time Scott had Curt Hennig tied up like a pretzel after Curt had ribbed him. For over an hour Scott threatened to shove his thumb up Curt’s ass & the scary thing about it was there wasn’t a damn thing Curt could do to stop him until finally Scott let him go. The Steiners had been trying to get out of their contract so they could go back to WCW, where a better paying deal & lighter schedule was on the table. Vince wouldn’t release them, so they began intentionally roughing up some of the TV job boys, forcing him to change his mind.

    Mark Madden Editorial [21st March 2009]
    When I worked in WCW, everyone was scared of Scott Steiner. Everyone. With good reason. Scott was jacked to the max & had a hair-trigger temper. As an announcer, I tried harder for him than I did anyone else. I tried to get over the terror Scott invoked everywhere he went because A) I honestly thought he was one of WCW’s more compelling characters & performers & B) who needs trouble with him? I’d rather be punched by DDMe than yelled at by Scott. He was that fearsome. Only time he ever got cross with me, thank God, was when I called him “White Thunder” when he first went blond: “Knock that shit off, you make me sound like a fucking Nazi!” Yes, sir. Scott once came into the announcers’ dressing room & started yelling: “How come you guys call it a huracanrana whenever one of the Mexicans does it? It’s a fucking Frankensteiner no matter who does it! A FUCKING FRANKENSTEINER!” Some announcers thought Scott was kidding at first. He wasn’t. Fortunately, by way of a pre-emptive strike, I ALWAYS called it a Frankensteiner. Two on-air incidents spring to mind: His tirade against Ric Flair & joining the announce team at ringside for express purpose of insulting Torrie Wilson. The most amazing thing about those incidents is Steiner wasn’t scheduled for TV time. He just went out there, grabbed a mic & demanded the camera’s attention & everyone involved was too scared to say no.

    WWE.com 20 most dangerous Superstars [2013]
    “When you have a world-class athlete like Scott & they get engaged in a sport as grueling & physically demanding as wrestling as a child, you become a different man. He had that aura of competitiveness & not a lot of patience. He had a short fuse & didn’t mind saying what was on his mind because A) he believed it to be true & B) what are you going to do about it?” – Jim Ross

  4. Somebody brought this to my attention and I have to concur this isn’t an accurate or objective portrayal of Scott Steiner. It’s a mockery of somebody who was truly an innovator & somebody who reinvented himself after he destroyed his body revolutionising tag team pro wrestling.

    I get it Scott Steiner is hilarious but that is something he should be applauded for not ridiculed (similar to Ultimate Warrior). His promos were entertaining as hell. He was believable, he was scary intense, his presence screamed headliner, he wasn’t afraid to get heat – all things I failed to hear you folks acknowledge.

  5. Responding to Kyle Starks tweets…

    “I’m so happy. They say you haven’t made it until someone hates you”

    I don’t hate you. You’re just not knowledgeable about pro wrestling.

    “I love this dude is watching these matches but not seeing them as total shit. This is what’s wrong with the world.”

    I love how deluded you are. Ok, well how about a neutral point of view? since you talked about the ***** war games match which Dave Meltzer rated lets take a look at some other matches he rated involving Scott Steiner:

    ****1/2 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki (NJPW 21.03.1991)
    ****1/2 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Hiroshi Hase & Keiji Muto (NJPW 08.07.1994)
    ****1/2 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Lex Luger & Sting (WCW 19.05.1991)
    ****1/4 – Scott Steiner vs. Bill Goldberg
    ****1/4 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Hiroshi Hase & Keiji Muto (NJPW 04.01.1994)
    ****1/4 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Jushin Liger & Power Warrior (NJPW 17.02.1994)
    ****1/4 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Hiroshi Hase & Keiji Muto (NJPW 04.01.1995)
    ****1/4 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Great Muta & Sting (NJPW 04.01.1992)
    **** – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Hiroshi Hase & Masa Chono (WCW 14.06.1991)
    **** – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Steve Williams & Terry Gordy (WCW 16.06.1992)
    **** – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Road Warrior Hawk & Power Warrior (WCW 04.01.1993)
    ***3/4 – Scott Steiner vs. Bobby Eaton (WCW 21.09.1990)
    ***3/4 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags (WCW 27.10.1990)
    ***3/4 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Butch Reed & Ron Simmons (WCW 13.06.1990)
    ***1/2 – Scott Steiner vs. Ric Flair (WCW 22.09.1990)
    ***1/2 – Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page (WCW 18.03.2001)
    ***1/2 – Scott Steiner vs. Booker T (WCW 11.04.1999)
    ***1/2 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Jimmy Del Ray & Tom Pritchard (WWF 30.08.1993)
    ***1/2 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Quebecers (WWF 13.09.1993)
    ***1/4 – Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner vs. Road Warriors (11.03.1996)
    ***1/4 – Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page (WCW 21.02.1999)
    ***1/4 – Scott Steiner vs. Mike Awesome (WCW 09.07.2000)
    ***1/4 – Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe (TNA 18.06.2006)

    Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards:
    (1989, 1990) Best Wrestling Maneuver – Frankensteiner
    (1991) Match of the Year – w/Rick Steiner vs. Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki (NJPW 21.03.1991)
    (1990) Tag Team of the Year – w/Rick Steiner

    Responding to Kieran Shiach tweets….

    “Someone commented on Steinercast calling asking if me and @starr226 are a bunch of virgins because we hate Hall and Nash”

    I don’t understand what a REAL MAN wouldn’t like about Hall & Nash…care to elaborate? legitimate pro wrestling superstars who oozed charisma who went out on TV unscripted & had fun! what’s not to like? were the originators of the cool heel. WCW merchandised the nWo, heel fans were encouraged – it was pioneering. Hall & Nash were influential behind pro wrestling’s shift to more reality based content. In the 90’s white boys now listened to rap, Tupac bandana wearing Nash knew demographic had changed & tried to crossover. Even little things such as wearing jeans & leather jackets was rarely seen until The Outsiders did it & it became accepted as the norm. Hall & Nash were instrumental in WWF offering downside guaranteed contracts. They helped increased the pay scale of the industry while in WCW. They were the catalyst for the 90’s wrestling boom. They helped book arguably the greatest angle in wrestling history while participating in it. Hall & Nash revolutionised the business.

    You’re either virgins or a bunch of workrate nuthugging smart marks who don’t understand the business & what is needed to get over & leave a lasting impression.

    “he got paid $12,000 a week. How dare you not know about that? WE MENTIONED ALL THE SAKE DRINKING”

    Wade Keller: You believe promoters shouldn’t feel responsible for the drug deaths who worked for them over the years?

    Scott Hall: I’m really hesitant to nail that on wrestling. I think it’s a personal choice. Like I told you, also, when I was talking to Kev, I said, ” Can you name anyone who didn’t get f—ed up?” He went, “Nobody that mattered.” Then sometimes if you think about it, I go, where there’s a couple guys that didn’t. The Steiners didn’t. The Steiner brothers never got f—ed up. There were some guys who didn’t get f—ed up. I don’t think Sting ever got f—ed up and stuff like that.

    As for the $12,000 a week…I hold my hands up & admit I should have elaborated. Basically Steiner Brothers were so fucking over in Japan they were paid $12,000 a week (easily one of the best deals in pro wrestling at the time) to only work the big shows. Even when they were working for the WWF they were still working big shows for NJPW. They were paid $12,000 a week because they drew money put on great performances which the Japanese respected.

    In conclusion I’d like to think you guys would take my comments on board & revaluate your opinion of Scott Steiner although I think you’re both of you are a bit butt hurt because you know I’m making sense furthermore you guys have failed to intelligently counter argue my comments.

  6. every performer has flaws however when you spend an hour basically trying to demean and discredit a guy who had 25 years worth of staying power like scotty steiner your credibility suffers as a result. steiner stayed relevant, got over and had success in every promotion he worked for. the comments above prove there are holes throughout your podcast in your criticism of steiner.

  7. Two guys burying Scott Steiner in every possible way and I’m sitting here playing devils advocate in my head. SMH at you two marks. You guys recite the simplistic stereotypical BS that plagues the IWC.

  8. how can you not like the big bad booty daddy????? are you homosexuals are something?

    do these guys not realise big poppa has legions of fans simply for his awesome promos

  9. Kind of sad these guys are so simple minded and naïve. They fail to look at all variables. Have to wonder what kind of an audience they are trying to attract because based on the content it’s hard to comprehend anybody but idiots listening to their podcast. I mean the content was just insulting to my intelligence. I was going to point out some flaws but I’ll pass because it looks as if ive already been beat to it!

  10. Scott Steiner got a huge pop when he returned to WWE at MSG in 2002 because he was a major superstar. From the moment WCW closed it’s doors there was speculation galore about Scott Scott Steiner joining WWE. Other than Goldberg the perception was Scott Steiner was the most valuable WCW commodity. When Vince McMahon bought WCW and started naming the WCW names on RAW to gage fan reaction, Scott Steiner got the second biggest pop behind Goldberg.

  11. He was fantastic. My perception of him used was based on what people say about his more current character which makes it seem like Scott is a shit wrestler or something.

    I totally had no memory of him back in his younger days, except I do remember him coming out in the collegiate jacket. I just didn’t remember much of his WWE run for some reason (and I didn’t watch WCW back then).

    So when I watched him in the Steiner Brothers vs. Hart Brothers match I was completely blown away. It’s like, I was being blown away, not only by a wrestler being absurdly excellent (he was), but also blown away because my perception of him was totally different, just based on the comments of people.

    I was genuinely confused, and thought that Scott Steiner must be Rick Steiner. When I realized that the long haired dude really was Scott, it just couldn’t compute for me. I kept looking up different sources, thinking that I must be wrong. For real! lol.

    Anyway, because of all of that, I’ve started looking up his more recent stuff. He was still good and better than people give him credit for, as the roided up dude. Plus, I love his promos, and his Twitter rants had me seriously LOL’ing.

    Basically, he’s quickly become one of my favorite wrestlers ever. As the younger version of himself, he’s one of my favorite pure wrestlers ever (and I’d say, seriously rivals or betters any of the known “best wrestlers”). And as the older version, he’s one of the most entertaining characters to me.

    A total win, all because I was randomly checking out old Hart matches, lol.

    Point is I think these guys like I did previously are just following the crowd.

  12. Scott might be the most underappreciated/misappreciated (yes, I may have made up a word) wrestler ever

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