Episode 12: Wil Jones

Wil-JonesHappy New Year everyone, and welcome back to Have A Nice Day. My guest this week is the editor of action film fanzine, Kill You Last, the lovely and gracious Mr. Wil Jones.

Wil is a huge wrestling fan, and an action movie guru, so you can bet we talk at length about They Live, No Holds Barred, the continued success of The Rock and what the future holds for Batista. Also, why the Brodus Clay film is the best WWE Studios production you haven’t seen.

First of all, and I do address this before the show starts, there are some audio difficulties with this week’s episode. Skype went a bit wonky and recorded Wil’s parts like a second too late, so there are some unfortunate out-of-sync moments. I struggled with whether or not to publish it at all, but in the end I decided that it was still a fun show, and if anyone doesn’t like it, I apologise.

Okay? Cool.

You can stream the show on Libsyn, or press play on that handy little button. We’re now on iTunes, so if you want to go through and subscribe/review, that’d be lovely

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/nicedaypodcast/Wil_Jones_mixdown.mp3]

You can (and should) buy copies of Kill You Last at Wil’s BigCartel store, and follow Wil on Twitter while you’re at it.

Both myself and Wil have articles in the new issue of The Atomic Elbow, which you can (and should) buy now.

In between episodes, check out Have A Nice Day on Tumblr, where I’ll be posting videos, pictures and quotes to do with the week’s episode.

You can follow me on Twitter, @KingImpulse, which is my personal account where I actually tweet about wrestling, pop music and comic books.

If you’ve got an idea for a show, or have something you’d like to talk about on the show, just reach out and we’ll chat. You can email me anytime.


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