Episode 9: Danielle Matheson

Danielle-MathesonThis week I’m joined by WithLeather and The Mandible Claw’s Danielle Matheson to chat about shoe retail, The Happy Mondays, and why my friend James sucks. Oh yeah, and wrestling, that’s why we’re here, right?

This week’s episode also features my tale of getting starstruck after meeting Chuck Taylor, how not to be a dickhead wrestling fan, and the enduring brilliance of The Submission Squad.

You can stream the show on Libsyn, or press play on that handy little button. We’re now on iTunes, so if you want to go through and subscribe/review, that’d be lovely.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/nicedaypodcast/Danielle_Matheson.mp3]

Check out Danielle’s website The Mandible Claw for thoughtful, intelligent wrestling articles, and genuinely my favourite wrestling podcast.

Also make sure you’re keeping up with The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling, every week on WithLeather.

Follow Danielle on Twitter, @prograpslady

If you’re in the Illinois area today (Friday 6th) check out St. Louis Anarchy’s Yuletide Terror show, which should be an absolute blast.

If you’re nowhere near Illinois, but you can get to Preston, I’d recommend PCW’s Festive Fury 3, also today.

In between episodes, check out Have A Nice Day on Tumblr, where I’ll be posting videos, pictures and quotes to do with the week’s episode.

You can follow me on Twitter, @KingImpulse, which is my personal account where I actually tweet about wrestling, pop music and comic books.

If you’ve got an idea for a show, or have something you’d like to talk about on the show, just reach out and we’ll chat. You can email me anytime.

I have a guest lined up for next week that is the biggest thing to happen to Nice Day yet, keep an eye the social medias this Tuesday for a definitive announcement.

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