Episode 1: Robert Newsome

Robert-NewsomeWelcome to the most must-listen podcast on the internet, welcome to Ha– Actually no, wait, that’s a terrible way to start this. Welcome to Have a Nice Day, my name is Kieran Shiach and the only thing I like more than professional wrestling is talking about professional wrestling. So I went and started a podcast to indulge myself. I’m lucky to have joining me for the very first episode of Have a Nice Day is the editor of The Atomic Elbow Fanzine, and all around swell dude, Mr. Robert Newsome.

For our inaugural episode, we discuss Robert’s personal history with wrestling, starting at weekends with his dad, through to the Monday Night Wars, and on to today. We also talk at length about The Atomic Elbow, what it is, how it came to be, and how you can get it.

You can stream the show on Libsyn, or press play on that handy little button. We’re now on iTunes, so if you want to go through and subscribe/review, that’d be lovely.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/nicedaypodcast/Robert_Newsom.mp3]

Book Party

The book collecting the first four issues of The Atomic Elbow launches today! If you’re in the Athens area, head down to Bizarro Wuxtry Comics and grab a copy. Alternatively, you can get the book from Evil Weevil Records, or head to the Big Cartel page to buy whichever issues you need.

The Atomic Elbow | @atomic_elbow | The Mandible Claw Podcast | Bizarro Wuxtry Comics | FLUKE Mini-Comics Festival | Second Period Industries |

Thanks for listening to the first episode of Have A Nice Day. I’ll be back every Friday with a new episode, sometimes talking to close friends, sometimes talking to special guests. Sometimes they’ll be a theme, sometimes we’ll just talk about whatever.

In between episodes, check out Have A Nice Day on Tumblr, where I’ll be posting videos, pictures and quotes to do with the week’s episode.

You can follow @NiceDayPodcast on Twitter, or @KingImpulse, which is my personal one.

If you’ve got an idea for a show, or have something you’d like to talk about on the show, just reach out and we’ll chat. You can email me anytime.

Check back next week when I welcome my good friend Alex Palmer to the show!


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